Friday, July 24, 2009

Keep my Fingers Crossed for Yasmin

I'm really shocked to read the news regarding our beloved Yasmin, multi-award winning director who has suffered a cerebrovascular event and now being admitted to Intensive Care Unit. According to the news she underwent neurosurgical operation so I guess the stroke was a hemorrhagic one. She's still unconscious.

My heart really sank. I remember that I wrote a post regarding her last year - saying that I'm proud of her achievement and of what she has been doing.

And her inspiring blogs:
Yasmin the Storyteller Part 1 and Part 2

Life sometimes can be really vulnerable.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and pray that she'll get better.


**漂亮的我***GORGEOUS** said...

ya, me too...
all the best Yasmin!

confessions of a medical student said...

i'm praying hard for her too... i loved her movies, especially sepet... i think she contributed a lot in promoting unity amongst our people... all malaysians should learn to think like her.. i really hope she recovers soon.. though sometimes, well, sometimes, you know..

daniel said...

She has just left us last Saturday night. May she rest in peace. Anyway my heart really sank when the news of her death were broke. We lost a talent.

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